Lockable Household Items

Locksmith Reseda Very often we purchase item of furniture that are lockable, we fall in love with these pieces of furniture the fit in with the décor and keep valuable items and documents safe. More often than not they lock with small keys and if you are anything like me are in a habit of losing those keys. I don’t want to invest in brand new furniture so I found a mobile locksmith company who come straight to your doorstep to help you with any type of security issue.

I found a really good company who came with loads of good customer reviews online. I made sure that the company was insured, bonded and licensed but it’s not required in all states, so it depends on your location. I called and spoke to an adviser, explained that I had lost my keys to my drawers and they went ahead took all my info and sent out a technician to me. The technician arrived in no time at all think it was just 20 minutes but I was also given the option of for booking an appointment at a time that suited me, which I thought was pretty convenient.

The technician arrived in a mobile workshop kitted out with all types of tools and products. The technician seemed really knowledgeable and was able to rekey the lock with no problem, the locksmith gave me an extra key too. It was a really quick, professional service that I’d recommend to anyone over trying to break the locks and damaging your belongings. The locksmith was able to help with any lockable items anything from drawers, filing cabinets, office desks, windows, internal doors, brief cases, cabinets, security boxes and safes. They can literally open anything whether it’s a lock and key, dial, combination, electronic or keypad.

Whilst the technician was there I took advantage of a security inspection that was suggested to me free of charge. The technician did a really thorough inspection of the inside and outside of my property. It was really interesting and completely worth the time. The technician gave me a few pointers on how to improve the security that was already existing, I also got a detailed report that included recommendations for improvements. The recommendations were really well thought out and explained to me really clearly whilst giving me all the benefits. I actually was really interested in an intercom system so I arranged for an appointment at a later date.

You can use a locksmith for so many different services, even more than I thought. The services I received were really well executed and didn’t cost a fortune, another happy customer.

Locksmith Reseda

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